Our History

In late March of 2011 Jonathan Reynolds was speaking with Lauren Gonzalez, his soon-to-be coeditor, about a different project that the two of them had been collaborating on. The idea of creating a holistic anthology had just come to Jonathan a couple of days prior, but at the time he had not yet felt committed enough to mention this prospect and project to another person. That said, he also had the distinct feeling that Lauren was the perfect other person for the task of birthing this effort.


As their conversation circled and danced amongst various other topics of common interest, Jonathan felt as if he could not help himself – he imagined the feeling to be a bit like giving birth, a process so natural that one must allow rather than control – and out of his mouth came the idea and the invitation. Lauren of course said ‘yes’, and that other project is still spinning somewhere patiently awaiting its turn.

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