The JOHP Community's Areas of 'Holistic Interest'?

Volume II of the Journal of Holistic Psychology is beginning to take shape - we are very excited, as our 'sophomore' offering will include articles by several leaders in the holistic and related fields.  We hope that our growing community will be as happy and inspired by our work as we are; even in these early stages, the Journal is continuing to mature and unfold by remarkable leaps and bounds.  This is of course exactly what we had hoped for, but to see it actually happening brings us so much joy!


That said, we are curious to hear from all of you: what areas or elements of holistic psychology are you personally most interested in?  Or put another way: how are holistic sensibilities most pertinent, present, and tangibly alive in your own life?


Lastly, thank you once again for your interest in JOHP's vision - we hope to continue to provide you with cutting edge offerings from the world of holistic psychology.  As you've heard us say before, and as you'll surely hear again and again: we're just getting started...

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