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Journal of Holistic Psychology

"The JOURNAL OF HOLISTIC PSYCHOLOGY Vol.2, a collection of brilliant essays by leading practitioners, is a powerful manifesto of the emerging change in our understanding of consciousness itself."

—Robert K. Hall, M.D.

Co-founder, Lomi School of Somatic Studies


"This journal is holistic in both content and form. Not bound by one mainstream school, the articles range over a wide variety of topics and approaches. Leading scholars, therapists, and researchers have written succinct but moving accounts of their work."

—David Lukoff, PhD, Founder, Spiritual Competency Resource Center


"I greatly appreciate Jonathan Reynolds and Lauren González’s new journal offering, the Journal of Holistic Psychology, which provides fertile ground for the many who are giving voice to the emerging field of East-West psychology..."

—Richard Miller, PhD, President, Integrative Restoration Institute