Journal of Holistic Psychology

The Journal of Holistic Psychology's overarching intention is to provide a bellwether of holistic studies while spotlighting the work of our burgeoning community’s pioneers, those who guide and one day will represent the leading edge in our respective holistic fields. Doing so anchors our continued work within the great lineage to which we connect, and that has made our own edge so innovative.


In addition, we hope this offering to serve as a ‘historical signpost’ of the rising consciousness within and around the world. The essays and research papers written today serve as a snapshot of the present, a lens on the future, and an archive for the history of consciousness. As such, the Journal of Holistic Psychology will track ‘thought’s evolution’ in some broad way, including viewpoints from the many disciplines under the holistic umbrella.


We ask for your participation in both the preservation and evolution of our vision for how our community and world appreciates and greatly needs the abundant gifts a holistic sensibility provides, and we are grateful for your work and commitment to the ‘multiple perspective-taking’ that only a truly holistic appreciation might afford. As one metaphor wonderfully suggests: ‘diamonds are so very hard that they can only be polished by collecting them in a container and tumbling them against each other’ – let us continue this process of skillfully tumbling together, as it is community, the holistic collective, which ultimately rounds off the edges of intellectual truth. This project is a movement toward sharing what we each know to be true in our heart, and to do so together.