Volume II: Eros, Body, and Consciousness

Journal of Holistic Psychology - Volume II: Eros, Body, and Consciousness







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Praise for Volume II of the Journal of Holistic Psychology

There is a growing awareness of the need for deep healing of humanity's wounds that have come with the limitations of our dual consciousness. This awakening is slowly becoming a global trend. Neuroscience and mindfulness-based somatic holistic psychology are at the vanguard. The JOURNAL OF HOLISTIC PSYCHOLOGY Vol.2, a collection of brilliant essays by leading practitioners, is a powerful manifesto of the emerging change in our understanding of consciousness itself.


—Robert K. Hall, M.D., co-founder Lomi School of Somatic Studies, Lomi

Psychotherapy Clinic, Emeritus, Spirit Rock Meditation Center Teachers

Council, and Director, El Dharma, Todos Santos, BCS, Mexico



Poetry. Fiction. Cartoons. Sex. Psychotherapy. Case studies. This journal is holistic in both content and form. Not bound by one mainstream school, as are most journals, the articles range over a wide variety of topics and approaches. Leading scholars, therapists, and researchers have written succinct but moving accounts of their work. You will most likely find a number of your own edges touched and challenged.

—David Lukoff, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Sofia University, and

Founder, Spiritual Competency Resource Center



This impressive volume presents us with a wonderfully diverse set of papers in somatic psychology and bodymind healing, written from the standpoint of the humanistic‑spiritual traditions and embracing scientific as well as poetic approaches. I believe it is a “must read” or at least a “must sample” collection for students and practitioners in this field.


—Barnaby B. Barratt, PhD, DHS, author of The Emergence of

Somatic Psychology and Bodymind Therapy, and

Senior Research Fellow, University of Cape Town