Volume I: Table of Contents




By Ken Bradford, Ph.D.



By Jonathan Reynolds, Lauren González


Chapter One: Finding Spirit Through Music

By Dave Walcott


Chapter Two: Appreciating the Similarities and Differences Between American

and Japanese Work Environments from an All-Quadrants Perspective

By Yohei Kato


Chapter Three: Cultivating the Therapist’s Seat, My Own Process

By Jonathan Reynolds 


Chapter Four: Raimon Panikkar and The New Atheists: The Promise

of a Fully-Inclusive and Ever-Expanding Dialogue

By Bruce Alderman, MA


Chapter Five: Development of Awareness: Language and Breathing as

Essential Elements in Somatic Therapy

By Colleen Millen


Chapter Six: Reversing the Negative Effects of Poor Food Quality in Prisons

By Julia Anne Deupree


Chapter Seven: Dancing Trees, Drawing on Drums: Intermodal Teaching

and Psychotherapy in Uganda

By Kathy Buys, MFT


Chapter Eight: Childhood Development Through Somatic and Sensory Awareness

By Kelsey A. Holt


Chapter Nine: Death Sustains New Life Experience: Fear and Diversity in

the Garden of Consciousness

By Jonathan Wanlass, MA


Chapter Ten: David Lynch: Eagle Scout, Missoula, Montana

By Lauren González, MFA


Chapter Eleven: Quantum Intentions: How Our Thoughts and Vibrations

Could Revolutionize the World

By Erin Renée Smalley


Chapter Twelve: Working with Dreams for Personal & Collective Transformation

Written and Drawn by Dr. Jeremy Taylor


Chapter Thirteen: Coming Into Myself in Body: Insights and Revelations

from a Somatic Practice

By Elysha L. Martinez


Chapter Fourteen: Permaculture and the Expansion of Consciousness        

By Nancy Orr, MFA


Chapter Fifteen: Depression and Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy

By Sherry Routson


Chapter Sixteen: Therapeutic Touch: A Complement Therapy for

Cancer Patients?

By Gina M. Delligatta


Chapter Seventeen: Observations of Madeline: The Development

of a 14-Month Old Girl

By Lauren Funiestas


Chapter Eighteen: The Web of Being: The Re-Evolution of Life

By Jahan Khamsehzadeh



By Ray Greenleaf


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