Volume II: Table of Contents

About Our Cover: Harmonic Interlude II

     By Jim Modiano


Dedication and Foreword

     By Susan Gordon, PhD



     By Lauren Gonzalez, MFA, MA, and Jonathan Reynolds, MA


Chapter One: Engaged Psychology: Past, Present, Prospects

     By Craig Chalquist, PhD

Chapter Two: Psychotherapy Through the Body: Engaging the Body

in Somatic Psychotherapy

     By Bill Bowen, MFT, LMT


Chapter Three: How Humanistic Psychology can Help PTSD Survivors

     By Stanley Krippner, PhD

Chapter Four: What Does it Mean to Live a Fully Embodied Spiritual Life?

     By Jorge Ferrer, PhD

Book Review: Ecopsychology: Science, Totems, and the Technological Species

     By Rain Sussman, LCSW

Chapter Five: Very Brief Therapy: The Miracle at the Pool of Bethesda

     By Rulik Perla, LMFT


Chapter Six: Increasing Aliveness through Positive Feedback Loops

     By Marenka Cerny, LMFT


Chapter Seven: Temporal Width of the Window of Observation (TWWO): Aspects of Vipassana Meditation Considered from a Systems Approach

     By Dr. Charles T. Tart


Chapter Eight: Co-Therapy: A Soulful Endeavor on a Path of Healing

     By Brian Lim, MA, and Karen Daley, MA


Speaking to Stone, by Justin McGahan, MA

smaller, by Kelsey A. Holt, MA

Letter to My Inner Child, by Andrea Shipley, MA

Turtle Mountain Chippewa, by Rhussel Jerome Ojibway, MA


Interview: Alex Stark on Geomancy and Feng Shui in Creativity,

Efficiency, and Design

     By Lauren Gonzalez, MFA, MA


Chapter Nine: Fiction: A Table by the Water

     By Julian Weinstein, LMFT


Chapter Ten: Graphic Novel: Healing Personal Neurosis and Collective Enmity

     Written and Drawn by Dr. Jeremy Taylor


Chapter Eleven: Reflection: Like a Mind, or Like a Mirror?

     By Jonathan Reynolds, MA


Chapter Twelve: From Foucault’s Ars Erotica to the Next Wave of Inwardly Inspired Yoga and “Tantric Sex”

     By Stuart Sovatsky, PhD


Chapter Thirteen: The Development of the Masculine and Feminine: Balance

in Opposition

     By Valerie Beltran


Chapter Fourteen: A Vision of Holistic Counseling: Applying Humanistic-Existential Principles in the Therapeutic Relationship

     By Andrew M. Bland, PhD

Chapter Fifteen: Nature and Soul: Reflections from an Ecopsychology Perspective

     By Jan Edl Stein, MFT

Chapter Sixteen: The Unfolding of the Self: Perspectives from Hakomi Mindfulness Based Experiential Psychotherapy

     By Rob Fisher, LMFT

Chapter Seventeen: Attachment and Nondual Consciousness

     By Padmini Nagaraj, MA


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